It’s all about the raw materials!

Our fragrances are works of art rather than the more ordinary or technically ¨well constructed perfumes¨For us, each fragrance is a new creation from zero. We never use a base formula and apply it to all of our scents and simple add a few different notes to create a collection. Instead each perfume has its own independent DNA.  We also never hire external laboratories to make a formula under a fixed budget, putting any restrictions on the creation process would simply damage the purity of the product.

We calculate the final price based on the ingredients, packaging, etc… While there are fixed costs involved , ingredients are often subject to change. The ingredients are they key to why our perfumes smell so different from each other, and to most of the fragrances on the market so we would never substitute an ingredient for another, meaning there is sometimes a different of price between fragrances in the same collection.

For experts in the field:

The cost per kilo of our fragrances fluctuates between € 250 and € 1.500. Yes, you heard correctly.!

The cost per kilo of most of the fragrances (both niche and mainstream) fluctuates between €40 and €150